martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011


Hoy FT, los titulos nomas

Fears rise over UK financial system

Canary Wharf banks

Bank of England survey of risk managers finds confidence declining

Thomas Cook plunges on £1bn debt fears

Tour operator in further renegotiation of terms with lenders

Spanish yields soar in T-bill sale

Average paid on three-month paper more than doubles

MF Global shortfall doubles to $1.2bn

New figure equal to almost a quarter of client funds

Tackling UK deficit behind schedule

Austerity could last into 2016-2017, predict forecasts

Saudi Arabia halts $100bn oil expansion programme

Aramco sees pressure to boost capacity falling

y, el mas comico

De La Rue says turnround on track, no, no es el de aca, pero casi

y el mejor

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