lunes, 27 de junio de 2011


This house believes that an economy cannot succeed without a big manufacturing base

Si, ya se, otra vez los proteccionistas, si, todo hay que hacerlo donde sea mas barato y el libre intercambio solucionara todo, ya no se puede soportar mas el proteccionismo, hay que dejar trabajar al mercado libre.

Salvo que, el titulo es de Economist y sus debates,

65 a 35

ah, de paso

Siemens tambien opina

Q: Does reliance on manufacturing make an economy more vulnerable to economic downturn? A: Not necessarily. During a domestic economic downturn, the manufacturing sector can provide stability through export growth, innovation, productivity and efficiency improvements. From a Siemens perspective, we are seeing an increasing commitment from our customers to improve the productivity and efficiency of their plants to remain competitive in the global marketplace and we think this bodes well for the future. In America, manufacturing activity has picked up over the past year, partly because of international exports. The depreciation of the dollar combined with inflation in certain emerging-market manufacturing economies has made American exports more attractive in international trade, leading to growth opportunities at home and well beyond the nation's borders. This export-led growth strengthens the economy by providing jobs, new opportunities and resources.

pero bueno, ellos son parte,


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