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TdF reloaded - Apple

Uno piensa que el dar plata del gobierno es para promover industrias de punta, no para dar empleos de baja calificacion
O para salvar compañias sin caja
y, que esas cosas en paises de raigambre fuertemente entrepreneur no se hacen
o, las compañias que promueven el comercio libre no aceptarian plata del estado para sus cosas, al fin y al cabo se quejan cuando no los dejan importar.


un par de parrafos

With the help of a $21m investment from a Texas job-creation fund, Apple will construct a $304m campus in Austin that will add over new 3,600 jobs to its current

The new jobs in the Texas capital, however, won't be high-tech, per se. According to Perry, the Austin campus will be the site of "customer support, sales and accounting functions."

Such direct investments and tax benefits have become increasingly common in the US, with states such as Texas competing with other regions for corporate investment.

During his brief tenure as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, Perry was a vocal defender of the free market, but he has defended his administration's decidedly activist wooing of corporations to move to his state.

"We saw the need for the state to be a participant, and we consider ourselves to be a competitor with the private sector, and there's some people that get a little bit nervous about that," Perry told The Baylor Lariat on Friday. "But generally, we're the last resort, if you will, as a funding mechanism for some of these companies."

ah Apple se quedo sin plata, ah, no?

The TEF was likely not a "last resort" for Apple, which in its most recent financial filing revealed that it's sitting on $97.6bn in cash and securities.

al final copie casi todo

en fin



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