miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

John Le Carre o como renace Maxwell Smart

Todo vuelve,o, nada deja de ser como era antes, sino lean esto

Burn after reading

ENCRYPTED data hidden in digital images, radiograms, invisible ink, switching bags at a train station in Queens, burying pots of money in upstate New York to be dug up two years later—the allegations made against ten supposed Russian agents have enough in them to delight fans of cold war spy fiction. But it is the details revealing the prosaic drudgery of the crack spy's lot that are really gripping. Even Moscow Centre's prized assets write down passwords that they cannot remember and leave them lying around at home. They argue with their masters over whose name should be on the title deed to a house. One agent has to be taught how to use an ATM card. Computers malfunction and, like many other expats, agents complain that at headquarters: "they don't understand what we have to go through here."


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