viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008


Para salir de lo diario (y los chinos), esta Islandia, donde filmaron una pelicula de Bond, y, creo van a enviar a alguno de aca muy rapido, no se si para calmar a los Islandeses o a los Ingleses
el articulo es largo, vale la pena practicar el ingles, hasta dice, donde dice que debemos pagar las deudas?

un par de exceprts del mismo, por favor, no se rian, lo dicen los Islandeses, no yo

On the chilly afternoon of December 1st a few hundred of them, shouting “David out, David out”, gathered at the Arnarson statue and marched down the hill to the central bank. In the lobby, they were met by riot police, who eventually defused the situation.

Ordinary citizens instead borrowed from their banks in cheaper currencies such as yen and Swiss francs to buy even the most modest homes and cars.

She blames the country’s reckless bankers for the ruin of the economy. “If I met a banker,” she says, “I’d kick his ass so hard, my shoes would be stuck inside.”

In Iceland there are still many misgivings about repaying the huge debts incurred, as there are about other aspects of the IMF programme.

In his unassuming whitewashed offices near the central bank, Geir Haarde, the prime minister, appears sympathetic to some of these concerns. “There is still a lot of legal argumentation saying we should not pay” the debt to Icesave depositors, he says, though he stresses that his government has agreed to reimburse them.

He suggests that the government also thought long and hard before turning to the IMF.

Para que se sigan ilustrando, si quieren


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